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Life, Not Death: HIV Gives Us the Opportunity to Live

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Reflections on the 1993 March on Washington

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National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

Reflections on the 1993 March on Washington As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the March on Washington on April 25, 1993, the Task Force joined with StoryCorps to share real-life stories about LGBT people as we approached today’s anniversary. You’ll find a series of related posts on our blog from the past week.

And, today we have our own guest post from Deborah Moncrief Bell, was the National Organizer of the 1993 March and fondly referred to by volunteers as The Supreme, Mega Grand Diva of the Whole Blessed Universe:

Anniversaries are an occasion for celebration, remembrance and reflection. On April 25, 1993, “The March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation” (93 MOW) took place. It was a significant day for the 700,000 folks present. Park police placed the number at 300,000. One of the performers that day, Deidre McCalla…

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AIDS vaccine doesn’t work, U.S. government says as it halts study

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Drug therapy to prevent HIV after exposure

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FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Most people know about the morning-after pill that you can take after sex to lower your chances of pregnancy. But most don’t know you can take drugs after exposure to HIV to reduce the chances of getting the AIDS virus.

Matt Rice has been there. He had sex with someone. Then found out that person has HIV.

“I made a mistake. I think the difference between me and most other people is that I knew about this treatment,” says Matt.

It’s called PEP for post-exposure prophylaxis. Medicines are started as soon as possible within 72 hours of HIV exposure and must be taken for 28 days. Side effects include nausea and diarrhea.

In health care workers who’ve had needle sticks, PEP reduced HIV infections by 79 percent. There’s not as much data for people who’ve had sexual exposure, but the Centers for Disease…

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Cure Is On The Way

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It started with Timothy Brown AKA The Berlin Patient AKA The first Person to be cured of HIV. He found out he was HIV positive in 1995. His life was saved by the medication that made living with HIV a reality. In 2006 he received a new threat to his life, leukemia. he under went chemo therapy just the same as many cancer patients but the leukemia came back. the next step was a bone marrow transplant.

Many years ago there was a documentary on people who were resistant to HIV. It was late one night and I couldn’t sleep so I flipped through the channels and stopped on one with a graphic showing how HIV entered a cd4 cell. I remember them following a man who described how he began to lose all his friends due to complications of AIDS and he noticed that many of…

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Scientists on brink of HIV cure – Telegraph

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Retroviruses like HIV Curing Diseases Now

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Mark Zive

Cancer and a heart condition were cured with incredible new science using retroviruses like HIV to reprogram cells.

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HIV ‘Cure’ Looks ‘Promising,’ Danish Scientists Contend

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Cure For HIV Coming Soon

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According to Danish scientists from the Aarhus University Hospital, a cure is in the works and may debut in about four months.  This is good news indeed.  HIV, a mysterious virus has been plaguing people throughout the world, in particular homosexuals, prostitutes, babies born from an infected mother and drug users who inject with unclean needles.  


The cure entails the removal of HIV from DNA by forcing it to come onto the surface of cells.  The immune system is then aided with a vaccine in attacking the HIV virus killing it like it would any other foreign body.


Tests are being conducted to see if there is any success.  While the cure may seem “too simple,” it is possible.  We can only hope and pray that success will come so that this cure can be made available to the millions around the globe who have HIV.

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Science Policy Around the Web – May 2, 2013

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Science Policy For All

By: Jennifer Plank

Our weekly linkpost, bringing you interesting and informative links on science policy issues buzzing about the internet.

NIH discontinues Immunizations in HIV vaccine study – Immunizations in an NIH sponsored HIV vaccine trial (HVTN 505) were halted last week. The study was in Phase IIb and aimed to determine if the vaccine could prevent infection or reduce viral load in patients who become infected with HIV. The trial consisted of a DNA-based vaccine to “prime” the immune system followed by a recombinant vaccine with the adenovirus type 5 vector housing genetic material encoding HIV antigens. Approximately 2500 people enrolled in the study. This phase of the study was limited to men who have sex with men and transgender individuals who have sex with me. Of the participants, 1250 received the vaccine and 1244  received the placebo.  Overall, 71 cases of HIV were reported (30 placebo recipients and…

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